Bale Breaker BA30

Wagner Bale Breaker

The bale breaker is capable of either disintegrating or opening various compressed bales, pushing them towards the following processing steps. According to the material, the throughput amounts to 5,000 kilo per hour.

The bale is put on a belt feeder by a stacker. The machine's intelligent controller then forwards it to the working chamber. The bale is routed by the automatic, load-dependent slider to the slow rotation disintegration rotor.However, entangling is avoided by the rotor’s intelligent cleaning cycle.


  • BA 30 is unique both in its operating mode and its technique
  • user-friendly operating display
  • an individually adjustable add-on system
  • solid and compact construction
  • easy maintenance tools

Potential applications:

  • PET bottles
  • mixed plastics
  • paper and cardboard boxes

A great variety of transport options, to and fro, special funnel shapes and various interchangeable machine base-frames enable perfect adjustment to the specific needs.


  • user-friendly, high performance and adjustable PLC
  • 10 freely programmable parameters (operating programmes)
  • quick selection of keystroke operating programme
  • precise rotor current control for maximum material throughput
  • optional frequency converter available
  • The solid cutting knives are made of special steel and fixed in such a way that they can be exchanged easily for the material-specific adaptation. (low-maintenance and quickly adjustable system)
  • different sizes and shapes, for quadruple usage
  • optional hard metal cutting knives for an even longer service life
  • wear-protected by metal sheathing
  • V belt
  • proven European, high performance quality drive in patented KIBO construction
  • available in different power capacities (15 to 30 kW)
  • hydraulic cylinder with Cardanic suspension
  • sift-proof wipers for sealing the surface, adjustable, duplex usage
  • roller bearings run by kinematics
  • high quality components
  • high performance
  • shock absorber protecting the slider’s cylinder
  • solid and low maintenance
  • quality self-aligning roller bearings
  • freely accessible bearing which resists contamination
Length:4150 mm
Width:2270 mm
Height:2105 mm
Work area:1300 x 1400 mm
Drive power:   15 - 30 kW
Weight:approx. 5.000 kg

Pictures Bale Breaker:

Video Bale Breaker BA30