Single Shaft Shredder WS30

The universal genius.

Almost all cutting materials can be shreded (cutted) effectively and economically with the WS30.

  • all sorts of plastic waste (hard and soft, cluster, automotive, foils, etc)
  • electric cables, electronic scrap
  • all sorts of wood waste
  • paper and cardboard boxes
  • textiles
  • and many more.


  • low maintenance solid construction to be bolted together in the add-on system
  • user-friendly innovative PLC with display or touch screen available
  • potent and reliable
  • high availability due to a high quality standard


  • high performance proven and tested PLC concept
  • user-friendly 12” touch panel
  • 10 freely adjustable parameters (operating programmes)
  • quick selection of different parameters by simply pressing a key
  • precise rotor current adjustment for maximum material throughput
  • status notification
  • soft start
  • the solid multi-usage knives, made from special steel, are screwed onto exchangeable knife-holders
  • low maintenance and quickly replaceable
  • optionally available in hard metal for an even longer service life
  • knives come in different shapes and sizes, quadruple usage
  • wear protected by a metal guard
  • large number of knives results in low heat development and increased throughput
  • rotor refrigeration is optional
  • V belt drive
  • proven and tested European high quality drive in patented KIBO version, with high performance feature
  • a hydraulic shock absorber prevents the mechanics from overloading and unwanted objects
  • available in different power capacities
  • hydraulic cylinder with Cardanic bearing
  • slider with adjustable wiper for sealing; duplex usage
  • roller bearings in guide rails driven by kinematics
  • a frequency converter for high performance is optional
  • high quality components
  • potent
  • hydraulic block valve for absorbing impacts protects the slider's cylinder
  • solid screen basket made from hardox wear plate
  • minor distance to the knife point for higher throughput
  • quick and easy change of screen segments
  • rotor adjustable for precise clearance between rotating and static blades
  • solid and easy maintenance
  • the bearings are mounted in such a way that they are not susceptible to impurities
Length:3430 mm
Width:2270 mm
Height:2000 mm
Work area:1350 x 1050 mm
Rotor length:1350 mm
Rotor diameter:   360 or. 388 mm
Number of knives:   46 or. 108 pc.
Drive power:30 - 55 kW
Screen size:10 - 100 mm
Weight:approx. 4860 kg

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