The versatile multi-use WS (single shaft) or PROSHRED (double shaft) shredders are applied to shredding all sorts of materials, both before and after the economic recycling process of waste, for the recovery of precious raw materials, in-company recycling processes, and volume reduction.

Our intention is to meet perfectly this wide range of requirements, so for this reason we offer an equally wide range of reliable machine systems and types for our customers’ specific needs.

In the following you will find an overview of the rich variety of recycling processes our machines implement all over the world.

Comprehensive know how

We have gathered our experience over 30 years in the recycling trade, and our strong portfolio of techniques is based on this. Thanks to our comprehensive know how in the economic recycling of a rich variety of materials we are able to offer our customers a tailor-made design.

Do come along and test your own materials directly on our machines so that we find a tailor-made solution for you.

Single Shaft Shredder Plastics

Single Shaft Shredder WS70

Plastic waste container

Single Shaft Shredder WS22 XL

Car pumpers

Twin Shaft Shredder Plastics

Twin Shaft Shredder PROSHRED 500

Grease cartridges

Twin Shaft Shredder PROSHRED 500

Various plastic containers