Wagner PET Perforators

Compressed bales with higher density and compactness

Perforators are used for slitting or piercing PET bottles or containers with 2.5 litres at full capacity. This process enables the production of compressed bales with higher density and compactness. There are three construction models available that achieve a throughput ranging from 450 to 2,400 kg per hour.

Operating mode:

The PET bottles drop continuously onto the two shafts equipped with wipers which move in opposite directions; these are equipped with easily exchangeable slitting tools. Then the bottles are absorbed and pierced. The bottles are pushed downwards by the shafts and subsequently positioned into the designated container or carried to the press.


100% pierced bottles


high availability and longevity

Low maintenance

low and simple maintenance

Modular design

adjustable to the customer's individual situation

Perfect adjustment

to your specific needs.

Potential applications:

  • in the sorting shaft
  • in the compression bale shaft
  • on pressing containers
  • stand-alone machine

A great variety of transport options, to and fro, special funnel shapes and various interchangeable machinery base frames enable their perfect adjustment to the specific needs.


Control system

Control system

  • emergency-stop-device
  • selector switch, automatic/manual
Slitting tools

Slitting tools

  • various tools made of hardox are available, multi-usage because they can be resharpened
  • the tools are applied to a shaft, each of them is individually exchangeable
  • the machine, being constructed in a segment system, is bolted together which allows for quick and easy tool exchange
Bearing unit

Bearing unit

  • proven solid
  • free-running, as a consequence it is resistant to dust and contamination


  • high performance quality drive
  • the gears are elastically embedded in rubber buffers
  • when exchanging the tools, the drive’s withdrawal sleeve enables easy removal

Technical data

  Perforator 10 Perforator 16-2 Perforator 32-2
Length: 1360 mm 1732 mm 1732 mm
Width: 610 mm 675 mm 1350 mm
Height: 300 mm 350 mm 350 mm
Drive power:    2,2 kW 5,5 kW 2 x 5,5 kW
Weight: ca. 325 kg   ca. 450 kg ca. 940 kg

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