Mechanical Engineering with Tradition

Our company

Wagner Shredder is your reliable and qualified partner. Our special field is the construction and manufacturing of high-quality recycling-machines. We guarantee a mximum of quality and flexibility, right from the planning until the delivery of your special machine.

Innovation and Quality:

our innovative products got many prices by the Austrian and Burgenland federal economic chamber.

  • Many years of experience and skill in constructing and manufacturing of machines
  • Individual planning and tailor-made manufacturing
  • Full Service: Consultation, planning, development, construction and manufacturing
  • One person in charge from the beginning to the delivery of the machine
  • Professional after sales service for all requests
  • Continuous use of most modern technologies
  • Best possible education and further education of highly motivated personnel
  • Guaranteed quality

„Love for details and a desire to develop and build high-quality products have been with our family company for decades. We know that our customers love the extraordinary in the matter of quality, performance and reliability. For this reason, we see your interest in our products as a personal mission."

Alexander Wagner, CDO
Andreas Wagner, CEO

A sucess story since 1977

  • 1977


    The company was founded by Gerhard Wagner in Neuhaus am Klausenbach, Burgenland in South Eastern Austria. The traditional machinery construction is being extended to the promising construction and production of recycling machines.

  • 1978

    The first Wagner “disintegrator”

    for agroforestry for firewood production was constructed.

  • 1985

    The first quadruplex shaft shredder

    was built for agroforestry.

  • 1989

    Extension of the shredder construction series

    The shredder construction series is extended, the first 2 shaft shredder for pre-shredding is delivered.

  • 1992

    The first Wagner single shaft shredder, WS 22

    was launched. This was the start of the company’s success story, followed by many other innovative shredders.

  • 1995

    The first Burgenland Innovation Prize

    was awarded for the WS range; this was to be followed by others.

  • 1997

    Innovation Prize

    for the bale breaker was conferred.

  • 2002

    Limited Company

    The sole trader became a limited company, WAGNER’S Maschinenbau GmbH.

  • 2005

    Innovation Prize of the Region of Burgenland

    We were awarded the Innovation Prize of the Region of Burgenland for the WRD range of tyre dismantlers.

  • 2007

    Jubilee Year

    celebrating the 60th birthday of Gerhard Wagner (founder of the business) and 30 years of the Wagner machine construction company.

  • 2012

    Innovation Prize

    We are happy about the fourth Innovation Prize conferred by the Region Burgenland.

  • 2014

    Double shaft shredder production

    We resumed production of the double shaft shredder production.

  • 2018

    Shredder Innovation

    Construction of the first single-shaft shredder with an internal pivoting slide in 2018.

  • 2019

    Expansion of production

    Expansion of the facility by 500 m².

  • 2022


    Renaming of the dual-shaft shredders to "ProShred".

  • 2023


    Introduction of the shredder innovation "ProCut".

We keep extending and enhancing our worldwide network of sales partners.

“From the very beginning, the company was run by my father Gerhard Wagner, honorary counsellor of commerce, and it has been a family business. Along with my mother, my brother Alexander, and I have been active in the firm. Today we are proud of belonging to one of the most innovative companies in the recycling trade. Many happy customers and renowned reference projects all over Europe and overseas emphasize our long-term success.”

Andreas Wagner