Wagner Twin Shaft Shredder PROSHRED 800

More than 30 years of experience in the construction of shredders...

has contributed greatly to the development of this category of PROSHRED shredder models.

Operating mode of the PROSHRED models:

The pre-sorted material to be chopped is fed into the two shafts whose rotors are moving slowly in opposite directions (therefore dust and noise free). The cutting discs are plugged on the shaft.This process is controlled by an intelligent and innovative PLC. In case the machine is overloaded or foreign objects are in the cutting unit, the rotor stops and moves backward (return overload behaviour and reverse running). The precisely serrated fixed knives make sure the material is shredded with a minimum of power. The fastened wiper element helps to avoid multiple turn coiling and raising of the material to be chopped.

The number of the knives or their width respectively determines the size of the output material.

Low maintenance

solid construction to be bolted together in the add-on system

Two gear system

therefore constant torque mode on both shafts


innovative PLC with display or touch screen available


potent and reliable - the Wagner quality


high availability due to a high quality standard

Easy exchange

knives can be exchanged easily and quickly

Robust design



to you specific needs

Perfectly adjustable

With a rich variety of options for feeding and carrying away the material, special funnel shapes, and different machine base-frames the shredder is ideally adjustable to individual requirements.

Potential applications:

This sturdy machine is designed for longevity; along with hazardous waste it economically processes sheet metal, electronic scrap, sheet metal barrels, all sorts of containers for liquids.

  • all sorts of industrial waste, metal sheet and plastic waste
  • production waste, binder, paper and cardboard boxes
  • electronic scrap, electric cables, metal sheet
  • food, food remains, biogenic waste, wood
  • glass, plastic waste, various containers for liquids, etc


Control panel

Control panel

  • user-friendly, high performance and innovative PLC with touch panel
  • the separately monitored shafts are controllable for maximum throughput
  • precise rotor current control
  • 10 freely adjustable parameters (operating programmes)
  • the different operating programmes can be selected quickly by pressing a key
  • status notification
Cutting discs

Cutting discs

  • is made from special steel which has been hardened (for long service life)
  • Easily changeable because the cutting discs meshing precisely, it prevents the material from being stuck. Saving driving power.
  • various forms and sizes are available
  • Since the rotor moves between precisely serrated fixed knives it prevents the material from getting stuck, saving driving power.
Housing / bearing

Housing / bearing

  • solid construction, bolted together
  • The bearing unit is separate, so when exchanging the knives the shafts can be dismounted entirely easily and quickly from the machine.
  • The high quality double-row roller bearings are protected by a bulkhead wall and an additional sealing to keep out liquid and solid materials; all this guarantees their longevity.


  • high performance quality drive
  • Drive withdrawal sleeve enables easy and simple dismounting when the knives are exchanged.
  • The drive’s bearings are made of elastic rubber buffer.
  • Two drives have the advantage of increased throughput performance. Each shaft is driven separately, for this reason a constant torque mode is guaranteed on both shafts. In case of overload the second shaft continues to process.
  • low maintenance
Technical data

Technical data

Length: 2980-3100 mm
Width: 1420 mm
Work area: 800 x 660 mm
Cutting disc:   Ø 320 mm
Knife width:   28 mm
Drive power: 2 x 11 / 2 x 15 kW
Weight: app. 3600-4200 kg

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