Wagner Single Shaft Shredder ProCut 1600



Number of knives: 84
Drive power: 1 x 75 kw / 1 x 90 kw


  • all sorts of plastic waste (hard and soft, cluster, automotive, foils, etc)
  • electric cables, electronic scrap
  • all sorts of wood waste
  • paper and cardboard boxes
  • textiles
  • and many more.

Low maintenance

solid construction to be bolted together in the add-on system


innovative PLC with display or touch screen available


potent and reliable - the Wagner quality


high availability due to a high quality standard

Made in Austria

The advanced Wagner-technologies are multi-awarded by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce.

Quality, power and endurance. These properties typify all Wagner shredders. According to your special requirements you get your optimal shredding solution. And when you need more of all then we build your special shredder exactly as required.

Wagner Shredder is your reliable and qualified partner. Our special field is the construction and manufacturing of high-quality recycling-machines. We guarantee a mximum of quality and flexibility, right from the planning until the delivery of your special machine.


Control panel ProCut series

Control panel ProCut series

  • Performance optimised control concept, state of the art technology and proven many times
  • Free selectable working programs for optimal and precise performance regulation
  • Simple, easy understandable and intuitive userfriendly menu navigation with status messages and evaluation
  • Gentle and energy-efficient monitoring with remote maintenance
Cutting rotor ProCut series

Cutting rotor ProCut series

  • Due to the high number of knives and optimum knife arrangement one achieves a higher throughput
  • Less friction on the rotor, thus lower temperature rise
  • The rotor is wear-protected by welding (armouring)
  • Due the distance between the rotor and the machine housing it gives no friction.
The cutting knives ProCut series

The cutting knives ProCut series

  • Made of special steel or hard metal (therefore higher service life), 8- resp. 4-times useable
  • Knife screwed to removable support, therefore a fast and simple change is guaranteed
  • Innovative and different knife geometries are available 
  • 2 fixed knife rows, individually adjustable, exact cutting gap, 2-times useable
Drive unit ProCut series

Drive unit ProCut series

  • Robust, proved industry shaft mounted gear with high service factor, through rubber spring elastically supported
  • Monitored overload clutch for the protection of the mechanics
  • A wide speed range for an optimal adjustment to the input material
  • Adjustable, proved rotor bearing outside of the machine housing. Thereby easy accessible and protected against dirt
The maintenance door ProCut series

The maintenance door ProCut series

  • User friendly, quick and easy access to the knives
  • The innovative construction enables a fast and imple cleaning
The swivel pusher ProCut series

The swivel pusher ProCut series

  • Internal torsional rigid swivel pusher, thus no leakage of material
  • No moveable respectively no contacting parts, the additional strong sealed maintenance free bearing guaranteed no additional maintenance
The screen unit ProCut series

The screen unit ProCut series

  • Manufactured from high-grade and wear-resistant steel with maximum surface
  • Hydraulically swivelling and easily accessible
  • Quick and simple cleaning as well as exchange of the screen without tools
  • Various holes, adapted to the input material

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