Inspiring technology

The advanced Wagner-technologies are multi-awarded by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce.

A unique fusion of innovation and technology

The advanced Wagner-technologies are mulit-awarded with the "Innovation Prize" by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce.


Innovation Prize for the WS-series


Innovation Prize for the Wagner Bale-breaker


Innovation Prize for the Dismantler


Innovation Prize for leading technologies

Guaranteed with every machine

Therefore Wagner

  • Many years of experience and skill in constructing and manufacturing of machines
  • Individual planning and tailor-made manufacturing
  • Full Service: Consultation, planning, development, construction and manufacturing
  • One person in charge from the beginning to the delivery of the machine
  • Professional after sales service for all requests
  • Continuous use of newest technologies
  • Best possible education and further training of our highly motivated workforce
  • Guaranteed quality

“We‘ve been working for years with Wagner shredders and tire presses. Each product ist state of the art in the matter of performance, speed and quality.“

Herr Roland Kohl, Managing Director Kohl-Eisen Ltd.

“We‘ve been using our single shaft shredder since 12 years. Quality and robustness are unique. Our shredder runs and runs and runs.“

Hartai Zoltán, Head of Department, Inter-Metal Recycling Kft.

“Wagner engineered and built an individual machine for our special requirements (bale breaker). The intuitive operation, the performance and functionality impressed us right from the start.“

Philippe Kruschitz, Operations manager Kruschitz Plastics & Recycling Ltd.

„Wagner Shredder. Nothing else.“

Jeremy Lindop, Managing Director Specialist Metal Services Ltd.